Think different, Treat negative emotions

You are not your emotions

Recently when devoting most of my spare time to research on the emotion subject, I realized that when we talk about emotions to our friends, family, even to ourselves, it can’t be clear. Emotions are like tornadoes of feelings, which always seem to be so vague, yet so strong, which are unable to reach and control. We never realize, at least in times we are drown in our own emotions, that we are not those emotions.

You know the feelings of being disappointed, furious, discouraged, or depressed. Sometimes, the feelings can be more complicated, like experiencing misery as a result of discouragement, or disappointment coming after fury. At such moments, you were seeing a hole between who you truly are, and what you are encountering. You don’t know why or what precisely you are feeling, but simply realize that you don’t feel good. Feelings do have many layers which you need to recognize by serious reflection.

You have floated so distantly from the root cause that made you experience such feelings; you simply just acknowledge that you feel it. You persuade yourself that the emotions reflect who you are. Truth is, they do not. Your emotions come and go, but your identity remains. You state: “I am depressed, furious, or baffled or miserable…” The emotions have entered your being, but just temporarily, and they are not you. When you trust yourselves to be your emotions, you separate yourselves from the power that you are, surrender to your emotions, and become their victims. However, you are the maker of your emotions and not their victim. When one can distinguish this, he or she can then potentially externalize these emotions, to see them for what they are.

And this is great when you perceive that these emotions are serving you. All things serve your growth and your evolution. For how might you experience a thing, truly, if you have never experienced its opposite side? Hence, the stronger your ‘negative’ emotion is, the more amazing the undiscovered truth about you is found. The more disappointed you are with your present circumstance, the more you are aware of who you could be. These emotions are not all negative, but rather indicators to you to discover your true identity at the most profound dimension. It isn’t these emotions that make us feel terrible, but our determining that they are terrible and don’t serve us when in actuality they do.

Mind to tell me about one of your hardest feelings?

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