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Why keeping a journal is a smart way to reach your goal

When you decide to try on one new thing, which maybe your one of your new hobbies, adventures or studying, may I ask do you record it? and how? For instance, if you decide to learn about webdesign technique, do you write down why you decide to learn it, how good you plan to be at, your progress and along way results, your feelings and satisfactions?

How do you know how far you got from the initial decision of trying that one thing? How do you know if that really changed you? And how much more you want in life?

And that is just one thing. If you have a series of things you want to do, as written everywhere in this blog: the 100 new little things, how do you keep track of them?

I strongly recommend you to keep a journal for yourself. Because if you structure it well for your own purposes, you will amazingly accelerate in everything you want to do in life.

Personally I have a lot of journals of all kinds, mostly for reflection purpose. It will be very touching to open an old journal you wrote years ago and read what the young you once said. I am always captivated by my old ideas, dreams, friends, jobs and hobbies, in my most sparkling years back then. Most of those things I already forgot or left in my past, and when I see them again, I know how far I go and more importantly what’s next I want to pursue.

Do you keep a journal or have you at any point written in one? Keeping a journal can be significantly more than jotting during your day’s activities and contemplations. It may be where you become acquainted with yourself and explore your inner world. There is an exceptional sort of journal known as a bullet journal that will enable you to record so many things that are not just your past or memory, but your to-do list, your state, your health, your bucket list, your dreams, so on and so forth. It is often made with starter expressions or points for you to expound on and to consider. A great one even has places for you to return over your writing and note what you have learned about yourself.

Let’s start

If you want to start a journal, one of the principal alternatives that you have to consider is what sort of journal you will utilize. A few people appreciate utilizing an electronic journal, keeping the data on their PC so it is helpful to get to. Numerous individuals, on the other hand, appreciate the interesting quality of recording the data that they need in a book frame journal. This will be an individual choice; at any case, I would propose that you try writing your thoughts down for at least 30 days as it can make it considerably more effective to start with.

You should plan time to start writing in your journal from the earliest starting point, as this will assist you with being increasingly predictable with it. It may take around 20 minutes every day for you to write down your thoughts which in reality is a little measure of time. Maybe you would appreciate doing it before anything else when you are fresh or possibly before bed with the things that you can reflect on the day.

There are numerous individuals that might want to start with keeping a daily journal but frequently, there are things that obstruct to make it hard to do. When you are having an issue getting started, yet you want to record your thoughts on paper, here are a few hints that can enable you to begin so you will stay with it now and for good.

Write down your goals and achievement

Personal development writers and gurus often remind us of the need to record our big objectives, since it is difficult to recollect them as we venture towards our individual achievements. It is for a similar reason that you should have a personal journal for recording your experiences and reflections. This record of noteworthy occasions in your everyday life empowers you to follow your daily steps towards achieving your personal goals.

Moreover, I strongly encourage you to keep an “accomplishment log” where you note down even a smallest achievement you got in your life. Achievements are essential signposts en route that disclose to you how far you have gone and stamp huge phases of your success journey – an motivation to keep a journal. When you achieve an action, scribble it down in your diary and let it empower you towards the next life goal. This will help you regain your energy through hard times, when bad lucks, failures and negative emotions cover your sky, when you are doubt of yourself and your capabilities.

Reflect everything you wrote

Journal writing assumes the role of a daily observing device. Before you write a summary of your daily experiences, you start by reflecting. Since a great deal has occurred, your mind must sifter during that time’s activities without having anytime to reflect. This manages you the opportunity to basically examine what occurred and how you responded to it. Subsequently, you can devise remedial activity and discover methods for overcoming relevant difficulties.

Not only that, you have a chance to reflect yourself. Based on reflecting a series of activities, you discover yourself in a unique way and from a different angle, which could not be achieved by everyday’s thoughts. Like I said, when you open a diary you wrote for years, you are mostly surprised at what you had thought and written, because you already forgot about them and you have changed without notice.

Discharge your repressed emotions

A journal is a private record that enables you to vent your feelings, regardless of whether good or bad. Keeping a journal is essential since you can express what you feel without dread of being judged or reprimanded. In your own journal, you can take note of your dissatisfactions, fears and grievances while considering what precisely caused them. Serving as a tool to dispose of negative emotions, you approach the coming days and difficulties with increased vigor.

Let new thoughts refresh you

At a point when writing a journal and considering your experiences, new thoughts are probably going to manifest, which will assist you in moving towards your goals in a gainful way. One huge unavoidable truth is that the more you consider something or discussion about it the clearer it progresses toward becoming. In reality having hatchery ideas beside you are very fruitful, which is a key explanation behind keeping a journal.

What does a journal look like to you?

  • A mirror for self reflection
  • A mean to know your Why
  • An educator of exercises or lessons
  • An approach to remain organized and to develop
  • A secret friend to share emotions
  • A calendar to arrange goals, schedules and activities
  • A device to keep track of moods, health, gratitude, hobbies and habits

Keeping a journal is an advantageous method to oversee everything effectively. In the event that you have your journal beside you, it will make you substantially more independent. You will have the majority of the information that you require readily available. Journaling will likewise spare you a lot of time scanning for information. You will end up more proficient and productive. You truly never know when you will be motivated during your journal writings. Motivation comes in such huge numbers of various structures across your thoughts and ideas. You would prefer not to miss the jewels that serve your innovative personality.

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