Why is struggling a part of life?

For what reason is it, at that point, that a few people appear to experience existence with no apparent struggle, while others appear to pull in it into their existence with every breath? I have known struggle in each part of my life: my profession, my relationships and my ability to let go and surrender, and it comes to my conclusion that the former experience more or less the same amount of struggle like the latter, just that they don’t reveal their weak parts in front of you 🙂

Struggle is a part of life. Whenever you try anything difficult or new, you will undoubtedly have some kind of struggle or battle. Exercise requires struggle. Love requires struggle. Changing a supposition, conviction, desire or disposition all requires struggle. Whenever you endeavor growth in any aspect of your life, you will struggle.

A struggle isn’t in our genes, however, in our minds and our response to life. It isn’t in our environment, condition or individuals but in our desires.

The issue here is that every one of us is endeavoring to grow, structure and live our ideal life, however, sometimes we don’t have the foggiest idea what it will or should look like. We are endeavoring to move into a cheerful and effective future, however, we don’t appear to realize how to make it. We as a whole need something progressively, better or less, in some aspect of our life, yet are at a loss with respect to why we don’t or can’t have it. That’s what is called “a struggle”.

If it’s not too much trouble note – I am including the following in any definition of struggle: exertion, disappointment, issues, dangers, misfortunes, broken dreams, dissatisfaction, stress, and so forth.

One way to test our resilience is through change, and its come-along struggles.

A struggle isn’t fundamental for our life. It isn’t required, but it is our response to life: its triumphs, accomplishments, and vice versa, frustrations, disappointments, or difficulties. A struggle is defined as a continuous process of growth and experience in future curiosity, where the end result is not necessarily in your favor. The dimension of struggle for every one of us is characterized in our own specific manner utilizing our own measuring stick, but it makes us strong and keeps us running through our phases of life. It is the thing that pushes us ahead.

If we don’t want to accept any change, like moving house, hopping jobs, or getting married and having children, life will still goes on. Or to make it smaller, if you don’t want to try anything new in a day, like taking a walk to a strange neighborhood or temping a new learning course, life will still goes on, too. But without any change, we will never emerge and transform to a better phase. We all born naked, who will ever want to be a forever caterpillar seeing others breaking their cocoons and fly?

Perhaps people only want to see the butterflies and not the process of breaking cocoons, namely struggle.

If we look into the animal lives, we may see other common examples of crabs, snakes and spiders those molt to grow. Without molting, their lifespans would be much shorter.

As human in modern days, we don’t encounter that much of starving, wars and diseases like those animals, but deep down in our willpower, we all want to achieve something at certain phases of life and because shit happens and we can’t prevent it from happening. Whatever it is, we all have to expect to face a change and endure a struggle. That is when our resilience is put into a “testing lab”. Only with resilience we know our “molting ability” to grow and shine and that “Change is the only constant”, Heraclitus once said.

We all have struggle but How to solve it the right way?

  1. Ask yourself this first question: “what is my struggle?’ Try to put onto paper precisely what is troubling you. Work it out in goal, explicit terms. ‘Something isn’t comfortable” might be a premonition, however, doesn’t generally characterize anything and will leave you baffled. Make it explicit to you “I’m bored.” “I have no money.” or “I’m sick and tired of being wiped out and tired.”
  2. Then come up with the answer to this second question, “What got me here?” Write down all that you can think about that got you to this point in your life. This isn’t an accusing session but an open section for you to honestly look at your life, your responses, your presumptions.
  3. Try to understand “what you dont know”. Search for your case, ask people around, try to get any information out of your own presumption, collect them in your best effort.
  4. Then here comes the question. “Why and how would I like to be?” This is literally your Why in solving this specific struggle. In this progression depict what you need in the most distinctive subtleties. Utilize the majority of your senses in depicting your desire. It’s vital that you see this clearly. If you get moving on this step and something inside your head says things like, “That will never be.” “Don’t be a visionary.” “This is pointless.” Refer back to step number one. Your life can change, and it starts in your thoughts.
  5. And it succeeds by taking actions. Make your action plan, and proceed! It’s fine to struggle because it’s the start of any huge difference!

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