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Why I wrote “100 new little things”

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Why I wrote “100 new little things”

The book is my own experience, and the experience at the beginning is not as clear as written in the book, but it is in fact a long journey from many years ago of an introverted and lazy person, trying to get out of the box that life locked her in.

My beginning was like many people who tried something new to overcome stress and boredom. Then I got swept up in the whirlwind of works, schools and responsibilities, felt nothing that I really loved and the limits that introverts always encounter. And then I told myself: why couldn’t I both keep my nature (introverted) and radiate in a different way instead of clumping inwardly? A cute kind of “extroverted introvert”, or an ambivert 🙂

And then I realized a recipe of 3 ingredients, which if being put individually will be found spread and shallow throughout the web, but are extremely beneficial to combine, and immediately from the beginning I have set it as “100 new little things”. And it’s especially helpful for introverts to try their own way. In addition, because these are just small beginnings, introverts will not feel compelled to “strive hard”, to “change their values,” or to “expose oneself to public” in order to achieve success.

Only till then, “100 new little things” started to light up sparkling, just like digging from dull pebbles all the way to the diamond treasure. And it became so important that it’s almost my philosophy. Gradually practicing it into a habit, I turn up easily accept the challenges, start looking at things in different directions, understand people and their perspectives, work faster and more efficient, earn more money, know more about art and logic, understand sympathy (a very important soft skill), and so on.

Some new things we have tried were Philosophy, Traveling to the Caribbeans with a Vietnamese passport :), Organizing group meetings, Finding better jobs, Doing pottery, Opening shops, Writing books …

Until I realized I could not pile up for just myself, that there must be a time when every human being would think about doing something meaningful beyond the individual. So I opened the Unboundwallflowers page, hopefully as it sounds, this is for introverted people or those who are daily engrossed in old habits, can find joy with new things every day, sometimes only by thinking differently… The site orientation is a place to act, experience, blossom, thrive or any word you want me to say. And I will create more free templates for you to experience.

Blog entries will share a lot of free stuff of:

  • Doing new things (Arts, Crafts, Doing fun things) and
  • Thinking differently (Dealing with emotions)

Books entries will share free ebooks and ebooks available for sale (also a way for you to support me to keep writing).

In the blog entries sometimes there are free templates make available for you to download.

The “subscribe” button is everywhere, making it easy for you to keep track of my new posts by email.

I know not all do “100 crazy things” will follow the same path as mine, but rather on the contrary, because the world is full of overlapping paths not only in 3 dimensions, and you can be on anyone of them. But the “100 new little things” is an easy and fun method to start on, take your first steps and find your own Atlantic. I am pretty sure about this.

At the time being I’m studying a bit about Emotional Intelligence, there will be some articles about this topic in the near future. And then I’m going to write for Moms, also related to “Thinking Differently”. I will share with you if more new things come up to me. And I’m open to receive all feedback on ebooks, topics, experiences, and feelings… all the things you want to share with me.

Nice day.


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