Do new things

WHEN to start your new things

Last year I wrote the book “100 new little things – A method for knowing your Why”. The book focuses mostly on why and how to start doing new things. However, knowing WHEN you’re ready isn’t that easy as I previously assumed because people never think of it when the time comes. They miss their chances and don’t even realize it. So, how to know when is the right time for you to start something new to refresh your old routines, your old habits and yes, your old persona? Below are 7 suggestions you may want to consider.

1. When you are bored

Of course it’s the right time to start something new because eventually you have some gut feelings of refreshing yourself. (normally we are the last ones to know that we actually are bored to death :)). And the tricky part here is that we usually take no action when we get bored, except for lying on the sofa all day watching netflix and let the feelings go. What you should really do instead is to find something new to refresh yourself, a new book, a walk around your neighborhood, a cooking attempt. Even a new genre on netflix counts, just don’t switch from action movies to comedy, I mean, you can try a documentary film on a topic your never think you are interested in. 

2. When you feel like you hate yourself

At times when we really do wish if we were a different person. But “being a different person” is no more than a useless acknowledgement to feel less guilty for not working on self improvement. Start something to become that different/better person. Start with something small, break the plan to bite-sized tasks and keep a steady pace. Don’t fix things just to feel better temporarily. For example, if you hate yourself because you are too fat and want to lose weight by working out, then five minutes everyday is good enough until you think you can do ten. You can’t get away from the bad feelings with one day exercise. It will come back more painful. You know what I mean 🙂   

3. When you get complaints from others

Now of course you will seriously think about changing yourself if the one who complained was your boss or your new lover. But how about your mom, your long term spouse or your childhood friend? In 90% of the cases you would never consider changing anything or even listening to those close ones of yours, despite that in 90% of the cases they were right, because they know you way better than your boss or your new lover. 

4. When you decide to quit a company you have been working for a long time

Right at the time you want to quit the current company you have to prepare yourself for the new one because you will be surrounded by it. People who often do new things will get over this “probation time” quickly, but when you stay in your comfort zone long enough you will need some preparation to buzz up your change. A new job requires new skill sets so you can start with learning some soft skills or enrolling in professional courses that will support you along the way.

5. When you are in a trauma

This is hard and I know it. If you are in the middle of trauma or depression, you may not have any will to do new things. But new things are in fact a good start for you to think of rather than drowning in bad moods. New things ain’t distractions from trauma, they are actually cures. They are the signs that you’re moving forward.

6. When you have no new things to talk to in a month

Have you ever run into a friend from the last party and had nothing to restart a conversation since then? I didn’t mean you ought to do something new just to impress people but hey, it also does mean that you have nothing to talk to yourself either. You have no sign to show that you are self-improving. You have nothing to lead to another achievement or success. How can you convince others if you can’t convince yourself? 

7. When you want to achieve something

Last but not least, of course when you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Improvement, achievement and success ain’t things that just happen purely by chance. Old ways don’t open new doors. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse. 

The list can go longer, but until now you may realize that if you consistently plan on trying new things, you may be able to navigate life away from boredom and negative emotions. Your shape of thoughts will improve and you can detect your problem from a lightest sign. Believe me, it feels good to be confident that you never are a boring person to anyone.

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