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The way you know your Why

Let me tell you about someone I met at Taipei airport just on our Lunar new year trip this Feb. You may guess, an old friend, a colleague, a family member?

Nope. A rabbit.

Yes, you hear me well. I met a rabbit, his picture below:

Glamorous steps towards light – Nhyh Jen Ni Ni
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I know, some may say it is too weird or devil, some are terrifying or annoying seeing this, and some freak out. It is not an easy statue, but I love it.

Nhyh-Jen Ni Ni, the artist of this piece of art, uses waste paper as the material of her sculptures, and reshapes it into rabbit-themed creations. Her works are reflections of all of us, who believe they can bravely break through the challenges and frustrations. The name of this statue is “Glamorous steps toward light”.

A narrative of this piece is:

“What’s the biggest fear in life?

Perhaps, it’s not the flaws we tried to improve nor the uncertainty in the dark. It’s the fear of meeting the brighter and stronger self that is beyond our imagination.

Often, we draw a line that prevents us from trying.

Often, we are accustomed to the comfort zone we are at.

However, who is the one set the trap for you and me?

Perhaps, being imperfect is not our biggest fear, it’s the ignorance where we know nothing about our own value.

Staring at the reflection of your face on the window along with the setting sun view, can’t you tell we are all unique and shinny gemstones?

Going out and exploring might be the first step to find your true self?”

There is nothing more than those words you could find about the piece. It depends on what people perceive. For me, this art piece is very close to what I always tell people besides me, go out, do new things, take first step even it’s just a small one.

Make a list of new adventures, a list of 100 new adventures for better results. Write them down in your paper journal or app. Reflect what they brought to you and to your true self.

Just as ancient Greek actors wore masks (personas) while performing, we wear the masks of our false selves to maintain the outer world images we have learned to show in our various social roles. Each of our false selves is expressed by behaving to maintain a particular image in the eyes of others. Our false selves are necessary social adaptations because we all have reasonable expectations of each other. Certainly, shopping goes better when store clerks act courteously, even though they are tired and eager to go home. We are well-advised to observe false self-etiquette in social situations.

That challenge is becoming increasingly imposing. The technological advances and changing lifestyles of the last century now expose us to many new social roles. One of the effects of this social overstimulation has been the generation of new roles for ever-expanding audiences, such as father, stepfather, son, stepson, brother, husband, ex-husband, student, teacher, friend, athlete, team-mate, patient, client, customer, seller, employee, boss, taxpayer, voter, expert, critic, performer, patron, parishioner, driver, passenger, contributor, writer, reader, victim, perpetrator, foster parent, foster child, adoptive parent, adoptive child, and so on. As you can see, each one of these roles brings out a different aspect of yourself.

Do the many roles you play contribute to stress in your life? Which role is your true self? Isn’t it likely that this is true if the motivation to play a role comes from the outer world rather than from your inner world?

When will you really sit down, reflect and comprehend?

If you find out a small light in that process of reflection, will it look like the rabbit? Will you not like it? Will you be terrified?

That maybe something the present you never have a clue. That may also be glamorous steps toward light. Share your rabbit with us.

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