Dealing with emotions, Thinking differently

Dealing with emotions, once for all

(Vietnamese below / Bấm đọc Tiếng Việt)

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Simply emotions are the way our mind communicates with us, they’re the messages our mind sends to us to tell us something, positive or negative. Dealing probably with your emotions all about understands this message and respond to it in a proper way. To understand this concept in more depth, let’s explore few emotions and see the message behind each one of them and how to respond to each one.

The message behind the emotions

Depression: the message behind depression is “Get me out of here”. Depression means that there’s something in your life causing you pain. One way to deal with this message is to do something about your situation. Whether it’s relationships problems, financial problems, losses or anything, you need to deal with that source of pain. That pain could be the fact that your parents are having a fight everyday, that pain could be the fact that you’re not sure of your social abilities and that pain could be the fact that you’re broke. But this is not enough to get depressed, it is because you choose to ignore those problems or to feel helpless in front of them, and actually sometimes this is the real source of the pain and the reason for depression.

So to end depression once for all you first need to double check your mindset: are you ignoring or feeling helpless?, then you need to work on making physical changes in your life as much as possible.

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