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The secret of doing “new little things”: How to overcome fear

The secret of doing “new little things”: Overcome fear by summoning your Courage

I remember many years ago the Cartoon Network channel had a cartoon series named Courage The Cowardly Dog. This was a cute series about an excited and frightened pink dog that had been living in a house with two oldsters who every day faced with lots of monsters, aliens and ghosts. Courage ran and hid all the time, but every time when the two oldsters were in danger Courage would close his eyes to run back to rescue, for just all three could run together. Very cute.

Thinking about it, you have fears that you have no reason to eliminate. Like me, I have a fear of cockroaches. But that fear has no harm, so I have almost no motivation to eliminate it. After all, I still have the fear of cockroaches for decades. In fact, we have quite a lot of ways to overcome a fear, once we identify them, including fear of cockroaches.

The problem is that there are fears you are not aware that you are afraid. For example, fear of change, fear of unforeseen results, fear of trying a new dish, fear of turning an unfamiliar path. You may even be bored with life and chores repeating every day, but if someone tells you to change a little here and there, you will be afraid.

Like the Courage series, we will always have shadows on the wall, snarls from unknown, and darkness in every place. Sometimes the monsters are not that scary. Sometimes monsters do not even appear, but you already cease to make way.

And, introverts are more afraid (including me).

Do you have such fears?

You can tell that you are not afraid, but just reluctant. Well, the descriptions are a bit different, but not really the result, we always choose not to do anything.

If we have a purpose, we will overcome the fear, overcome even the stagnation of doing nothing. The purpose is not necessarily to rescue others, perhaps just to make ourselves become better, stronger, which is more likely to cause us to summon Courage.

Personal development is always the keyword people used to seek for. I do not tell you to develop any specific thing here because it will be your own choice and discorvery. But I recommend you to do “100 XP”: new little things to see where the waves drop you. These are easy and fun ways to get you motivated to progressively remove the barriers and overcome the fear as well as the stagnation. Gradually, when you get used to little challenges, you will realize that fear will stop and stagnation will drop. And then when facing with something that is about to happen, you have already collected enough stamina, and pop up like a monarch butterfly emerging from chrysalis.

Not to mention, that monster may be just a wildcat that is upset for not finding anything yet for dinner.

You can skim through my other posts in the “Blog 100 XP” to get ideas on how to do things.

Have a good day.

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