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How to overcome procrastination and take the first step to your ultimate goal

I know, first steps stink!

The first step is always the most difficult step. We all have to fight with our laziness and procrastination to take the first step of anything. And not only that, first steps are new and therefore can never be smooth.

I also know, the first step is also the main cause that make 80% of new year’s resolutions fail in just the second month of the year. Why procrastination is that hard to overcome? Why taking the first step is always be beaten by so many reasons?

What is procrastination?

Procrastination alludes to the act of intentionally and constantly putting off assignments which should be done. Individuals who procrastinate tend to self-mislead their acts by doing different assignments which are insignificant to pass time, and afterwards have no opportunity to do the more difficult and essential assignments. In time, this turns into a negative behavior pattern that is hard to escape, and will influence the individual’s standard of work, just as his emotions or desires.

Where does procrastination come from?

There are heaps of manners by which the act of procrastination can develop. It is a certain thing that you won’t procrastinate dependably for the same reasons. At times, you procrastinate in light of the fact that you believe you have such a large number of things at the forefront of your thoughts and procrastinating makes you feel free. Be that as it may, on other occasions, you will simply feel apathetic or tired, and not in the state of mind to do it.

Below are various reasons for procrastination and the manners in which you can react to them.


There are situations when we tend to procrastinate in light of the fact that we don’t have the physical or the enthusiastic power to work. Idleness is an exceptionally perilous thing, and it can drag you in laziness without taking note. At the point when laziness occurs, even the simplest assignment may require a ton of work. Why? Since you won’t have the level of energy that you require so as to play out that assignment, some may even say that the assignment is excessively troublesome and they will hesitate just to preserve energy. In any case, you should attempt to escape this pattern at the earliest opportunity before gloom kicks in.


The facts demonstrate that it’s difficult to do a perfect job when you feel stressed or anxious. At times, procrastination is an approach to adapt to the feelings of anxiety that overpower you when things get unpleasant. For this situation, endeavor to lessen the dimension of stress and pressure that exists in your life. For instance, you should work more earnestly in light of the fact that you feel like it and not on the grounds that you feel forced. The most ideal approach to wiping out stress from your life is to enjoy life whenever you can.

No Discipline

You may have the inspiration, yet there are also assignments that you would prefer not to do. For this situation, utilize self- discipline! When you have inspiration, you needn’t bother with discipline, however, when you are not in the temperament to do it and still need to, discipline can help you more than you might think. What’s more, as you envisioned, when your level of self-discipline isn’t sufficient, at that point you will be inclined to procrastinate and surrender to temptation.

The Effects of Procrastination

Individuals who procrastinate will develop feelings of self-blame and worry, as the work heaps up and turn urgent. Procrastination can and will prompt many negative effects if it isn’t stopped from the beginning. Individuals who procrastinate will, in general, be disorganized, as they disregard the essential or the pressing work for different assignments. This prompts a heap up of assignments that before long turn critical regardless of whether they are not imperative, as well as prompts the individual thinking that it’s difficult to adapt and rushing to convey the pressing assignments. One will soon find himself perpetually stressed, combined with sentiments of blame and self-fault as he realizes that he could have completed these assignments sometime before they eat him.

Procrastinators as a rule exhibit indications of forgetfulness, for example, putting off basic errands and afterward disregarding them. Besides, they will be diverted effectively as they would prefer to do something different as opposed to what is essential and should be done. They will also be easily seen as promise-breakers for the things they postpone, or as low productive staff by not managing their time effectively.

Step by step instructions to overcome procrastination

Perhaps you find yourself always putting things off instead of taking care of them immediately. When you procrastinate, you are going to stretch the time it takes to complete stuff. Right in the time that you hesitate believing that you will get to it inevitably, numerous different obligations have accumulated on your plate.

How might you break the endless loop that keeps you from accomplishing more? There are various compelling measures that demonstrate to you how to overcome procrastination as bellows:

Make a ‘To Do’ List

When you know you are probably going to procrastinate and postpone things until the latest possible time, start by making a list of all the exceptional things that you must complete. This is your schedule. At that point, rework the list with the activities arranged by need. Remember to check whether you really need to do everything on the list. You might have the capacity to drop a few in the event that they are not so much vital.

At that point work your way down your list, ticking the things off as you get past something. This is a superb method to figure out how to defeat procrastination. In the event that you must juggle doing your clothing with noting an imperative email or paying bills, start with the assignment that is the most critical. Additionally deal with little, however, important assignment that is the most urgent. You will accomplish a feeling of fulfillment as you cross out every one of your activity on the schedule.

Manage your time

This is a step forward from making a to-do list. With a to-do list you know the list of things you need to complete in order of priority. However, time management to finish everything in your to-do list is far more important. A worthy tip for this is to divide your tasks by using a calendar. Have you ever used Outlook’s calendar? It is not only for arranging meeting but also for keeping track of your everyday tasks, with colors and alarms and marks up to inspire you. A to-do list can easily be postponed, but with a calendar, you know exactly what needs to be done at what time or day. This will trigger your “guilt” when a task is left incomplete.

Besides Outlook, there are a lot of similar apps that you can try on your phone. Be creative, especially with boring tasks.

Separate Each Task

It’s significantly less demanding to achieve something if it’s separated into sensible pieces. The equivalent goes for every one of the assignments on your schedule. Getting down to taking a shot at the primary action may put you off even before you have begun. Rather than doing everything in one go, take a stab at breaking each assignment into smaller chunks of jobs. Either that or break it into little lumps of time. For instance, you could do your work in squares of thirty minutes each. You will see that once you have through the first half hour, traversing the rest comes significantly more effectively.

Tune out distractions

When you are about to do something that requires a lot of concentration, remember to choose a comfortable and quiet workplace first. Temporarily leave your phone off, turn off television, web browsers, youtube and social networks. If you are in the office, choose a quiet meeting room which is not affected by other colleagues. If staying at home, choose a quiet room that has less noise from children or from the street.

Reward Yourself

Organize a treat for yourself as a reward for having done the things you embarked to do. Ensure it’s something that you truly appreciate and anticipate. It will fill in as a motivator for you to strive to finish your next assignments.

Why this post is important?

You may already know why I wrote this post. When you want to do new things, procrastination can be a big obstacle to overcome. And as I said, first steps stink! so even though you are not the one who used to procrastinate, doing new things, especially with frequency, needs a competency in time management, self improvement, willpower and flexibility. And when you achieve all of that, there is no reason you cannot be successful in your own path of self development.

Wish you lots of luck. And energy.

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