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How to change with ease (and fun)

Last week I had great training sessions at work, in which change management is a nice small part which I find relevant and want to share with you in this blog. Every organization encounter an urge to change, and sadly, organisations, like people, don’t prefer changes very much. But in business, change is a must, sometimes vital for the company not to be broken down. In order to ease the process, “change management” is born to help from top down.

And then I thought, this is pretty much related to personal development as well. It comes from our willingness, tops down from our brain, fuels our growth and brings us opportunities to complete ourselves.      

But it’s not easy. One of my colleagues said that it made him touched out for trying to be better everyday, for working late in his cubicle, for exercising till exhaustion, for continuously improving and proving to the world that he worths.

That he is having no life and no happiness. What he got was just merely stress, exhaustion and disappointment over time, especially when he sees that it still takes too far to reach his desire peak.

That’s not what we should perceive change management. To make a change, or to get out of the box, does not mean that you have to jump right from the box into fire and burn yourself like my friend did.

Change management is like a dolphin, not a whale. Yes, you heard me correctly, it’s dolphins and whales!

Imagine you were sailng on a peaceful sea watching the beautiful landscape when the water meets the sky, then an enormous whale jump right from nowhere under the water onto the air above your boat. And the next thing is, wait…, Can you swim?

The target you want to reach may be far and high, but don’t force yourself like that. Instead, you should take small steps. Like dolphins surfacing frequently to take short breaths, to communicate and to have fun. You should, too.

Here are the basic steps to get yourself changing easier:

  1. Realise your urge to change: In order to do that, you will have to honestly review yourself and admit your limitations. You may start review yourself from other people’s feebacks or from what deep down from your heart is feeling “not right.”
  2. Realise the benefits of changing: This is vital, because we all want to foresee the future rewards for our commitments in the present.
  3. Break down the big process to small steps: Remember the dolphins? Start small, make it simple. Do not force yourself to be like a whale, but be sure to keep its frequency and consistency. Imagine you take one small step and leave it there for years… then come back just to see it growing moss. During the change, be patient, take your space, let your journey has its fun.
  4. Celebrate small wins: Going after each small step’s achievement should be a small celebration. Reward yourself to encourage your next steps, create momentum and establish the sustainability.

Be sure to have fun, and let your comments down here to share it with us.

Nice day, little dolphin.

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