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Gathering people: We are all demi experts!

Gathering people: We are all demi experts!

Do you have different groups of buddies? For example, a high school group, a college group, a close co-worker group, an online group, etc.

Is one of them an expert on something? Maybe they know how to do pottery, oil painting, cocktail, marketing, startup, yoga, or travel planning?

They are not yet real experts in one field, but certainly because they love a particular subject, they have spent time to research about it more than we do. They are already so called a “demi expert”, no joking. You too, you are also a demi expert in a certain area. So why do not we learn from each other?

This idea is all about setting up a coffee group for a mini presentation each week. Each person will spend about 10 minutes presenting one of his favorite areas. He would spend ahead some time to gather up the knowledge he has, and present it in a way that is intensive enough yet easy to understand. The following week will be another person’s speech on a different topic. Imagine, with 10 minutes a week, we’ll get a lot of information from a many different demi experts, interesting?

If this benefit is not enough to convince you, lets take a look at the list of benefits I presented below:

Being a speaker, for example in the field of online marketing, he will be able to:

  • Gather a comprehensive online marketing knowledge he had read which were scattering across the internet into a full set.
  • In the process of structuring the speech he will find ways to add information in some of the arrays he had not known about yet, eg online marketing via emails. This is an opportunity for him to better understand his favorite field.
  • Develop presentation skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Get a chance to talk about his favorite subject.
  • Have the opportunity to listen to other people’s opinions about his favorite subject, gain an alliance or expand his hobby.

Being a listener, the benefits for you are:

  • It takes only ten minutes to know a subject that other people have spent hours learning for
  • Each week there are different topics to think about and recharge yourself with new ideas.
  • Have more ideas / themes to create your different projects.

In general, these cafés are easy to organize:

  • By combining with having a coffee and some cake, giving a presentation will become more comfortable than a rigid presentation in a meeting room. Not to mention, talking to your group of friends will make you not to feel like presenting in front of an audience. It is especially suitable for introverts who want to do something different or want to challenge themselves a little bit.
  • It is an opportunity for you to understand more about your friends. Since you have known him for so long but might not know all of his (hidden) interests.
  • Have a chance to meet your friend more often, maybe by waiting for a topic that you are interested in, you will not find reason to stay lazily at home?
  • If you can mix your presenting groups, such as high school and college for example, it’s even better, it’s a real chance to make more friends that have similar interests.

The way that I used to hold these coffee talks are:

  1. Each week we will have a different presentation, any kind of topic that is detailed enough to present for 10 minutes. Then there will be a Q & A section.
  2. The structure of the speech should be presented briefly in Word or PPT and open in ipad for the audience to follow.
  3. The presenter will be invited for free coffee by others.

In the end, all of us will become experts.

Below is a sample of the demi-expert note that I have done. After the presentation you should also write a short note like this to save it into our “100 new things”. You can download the free demi experts template that I made for you guys to enjoy.

Wish you all, the demi experts, have nice coffee talks.

Demi experts 1

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