Easy-to-use and humorous cards

Swipe the cards for new, sometime crazy and humorous ideas to start whenever you are idle.

Get yourself motivated with your own personal development plan, meanwhile immerse into a vast and mysterious forest, where you can collect exotic fruits and odd flowers as rewards, trace the hidden monsters and save the forest from a dark force.

Offer more than 20 decks and over 1,000 cards.

Meaningful reflection page to jot down your thoughts

Have a nice REFLECTION page for each of the actions you complete, to track your progress, jot your feelings and see how you achieve things in life.

Numerous decks in useful categories

Kill boredom and blow a new passion to your normal days:

  • Break the old Habit Loop
  • Eat Healthy, Feel Better
  • Plan for Financial Freedom
  • Expand your Knowledge
  • Manage Emotions

and many more..

Mystic fruits to collect

Enjoy yourself as an adventurer through a mystic forest, fight the dark force and explore your own treasure chest.

Mystic creatures to conquer

Have a great reward scheme with nearly a hundred of exotic fruits, odd flowers, and crazy monsters.

Hidden pieces to find your own treasure chest

Great Storyline with touch of humor in each creature.

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