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Doodle challenge: Afraid of having no talent for art? Guess what, you have!

Doodle challenge: Afraid of having no talent for art? Guess what, you have!

Myth: Just some clever gifted ones can do art..

The truth is: Anyone can.

This myth and truth will be repeated constantly on this site. Are you going to say: Anyone can master something by practicing 10,000 hours? You think that in order to be an artist you have to work hard, practice pencil drawing, colour paintings, learn elements, portraits, landscapes, so on and so forth? And you will tell me that you did try to draw and did fail? In this site you will not find things that are too academic or time consuming; on the contrary, I promise this will just be fun, easy, comfortable, creative, and you will reap fruitful results, okay?

So what is doodle art, the theme of this article? If you search this word through google, you will find quite a lot of different types of doodling which are very hard to clarify. In fact they are just small, black or colored illustrations, drawn by any drawing tools you have in hand. With just a piece of paper and a pen, for example, you can sketch a lot of notes on whatever topic you like.

But, to make your doodle art meaningful and fruitful and not to be messy scribbles that do not stick together especially when we are just amateur, we will doodle in the form below.

Step 1: Download the template I created for this doodle challenge

Step 2: Find a topic, for example, drawing one activity you do in the day, or drawing about the  Christmas theme, anything.

Step 3: Determine the number of days you want to draw, the template has 9 boxes. If you want a longer series then print 2 sheets or more.

Step 4: Choose the drawing tools that suit you best. If you are used to drawing, use pencil or water color. If you go to school every day, you can choose colour pencils or pen. If you go to work, draw with a ball pen during the break. Anyway, let’s define your tool.

Step 5: Practice: draw within one box each day using the template. Draw daily. Try to keep this habit, and remember to stick to the topic.

Examples here:

doodle challenge

doodle challenge 3

doodle challenge 5

Why this style of doodling while there are many different types exist? Because it is simple and suitable for non-specialists. Drawing daily will create a good habit, helping your hands to get used to painting if you want to be an expert later on. Not to mention, this is a very good way of noting if your topic is a series of tasks. Assuming the topic is to draw something you do every day, then through 9 days you will have the opportunity to look back on what you did in a neatly nice way. If your topic is emotions, for example, the day that cheers you will be bright yellow, a peaceful day will be sky blue, and the tired day is fatigue gray, then the past nine days you had,  whether positive or negative, all made beautiful colored boxes.

But the nicest thing about this doodle is that you will love trivial things. Redrawing a tidy up, for example, will get you see a boring chore in a different way. I will not talk about cliché like “cherish life” or tell you to paint up the useless chunks, all I want to say is, we will get a chance to see, and live, each moment. We have let thousands of minutes doing chores go without paying any attention, so let’s try to mind once. What that moment really is, only you is the one who knows.

And to make this game more fun, let’s add your buddy. That’s why I call it the doodle challenge, you challenge yourself to draw a small piece every day, and challenge your friend to complete nine boxes. Then you can compare and share with each other. If possible, share with me as well.

Download the free doodle challenge template

Have fun with your doodles.

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