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Forest of Change (IOS and Android APP)

In a crucial time like this pandemic storm, you might feel a lack of productivity, fall into depression, or get bored easily. You may need to add some new activities into your life to stay motivated and productive.

Forest of Change app brings you the opportunity to do new, little things every day to make you happier and more spontaneous. This is a place where you can build your resilience, gain knowledge, and know the purpose of your life.

Discover new places, hobbies, people, and more, along with tracking your progress over time with the help of our Try new thing app. There are hundreds of tasks to complete that will completely transform your life for the better.

There are cards to swipe. Swipe the cards for new, crazy, and humorous ideas.  It is time to keep yourself motivated with personal development, joyful and fun activities, and more.

What does this goal setter app offer?

The app offers you a lot of free ideas. You will get suggestions in many aspects of life such as productivity, motivation, drawing, crafting, exercising, creativity, healthy eating, habit loop, socializing, and many more.

Complete daily tasks in a fun way to gain confidence and rejuvenate your energy. This Try new thing app helps you overcome various obstacles in life. You will learn to balance your negative emotions using this daily reminder app, and ultimately become more passionate about life.

The vast and mysterious forest brings you many adventures. You can collect exotic fruits and odd flowers as rewards after completing tasks. You can trace the hidden monsters and save the forest from the dark force.

The Try new thing app helps you break your old habit loops. It shows you a new direction in life. If you think about what to do when you are bored, this everyday checklist app offers you to change your lifestyle and way of thinking. You start to eat healthily, unleash your creative side, be more passionate about your hobbies, expand knowledge, and craft your world.

You can even play with your kids to get organized together. Get everyone’s life sorted with the help of the new Try new thing app. Explore new spots and make travel plans for a change.

Key features of this organizer app:

  • More than 20 decks and over 1000 cards offer you creative ideas, random tasks, motivational rants, and more.
  • The reflection page for each of your actions lets you track your progress to understand how you achieve things in life.
  • The mystic forest lets you become an adventurer. Fight the dark force to save the forest, find your treasure chest, and explore your life.
  • After overcoming life challenges, get the reward scheme with nearly hundreds of exotic fruits, odd flowers, and crazy monsters.
  • Share personalized achievements with your beloved, family, and friends using the daily organizer.

Daily reminders offer you a massive number of tasks that you can complete to achieve goals. Free time activities will help you enjoy life in a new and exuberant way.

Install the Try new thing app for free and start shuffling your life. In-app purchases are also available, so you can always do more of it.

Forest of Change APP

An original app to Try new things and Think different

It’s been quite some time since I published the last post on this site. I know… But it doesn’t mean I am lazy, I am currently quite busy with a new exciting idea that I would like to share with you, my dear, I’M GONNA RELEASE AN APP!!!

The name of this app would be: Forest of Change – Try new things and Think different. 

As the name itself says, the app will be a great tool for us to keep trying different things. It will suggest amazing ideas (with a touch of humor) for us to really stand up and try new things every day, so that we can stop lying on the sofa, surfing the internet and thinking about what we could change or improve (knowing we will never do them).

In addition, the app provides a beautiful forest theme. Get yourself motivated with your own personal development plan, meanwhile immerse into a vast and mysterious forest, where you can collect exotic fruits and odd flowers as rewards, trace the hidden monsters and save the forest from a dark force. 

See my introduction for the app below:

“Once upon a time in the dense and mystic forest, there were legends of hidden scary monsters. However, because of abundant resources, the flora and fauna still lived in harmony. 

Suddenly one day, a black flood from nowhere flew over the forest. Wherever it came, the plants withered to death and the animals were swept away. Monsters that had been hiding for thousands of years suddenly reappeared. While the animals were still in fear, a silhouette of the first human exposed at the edge of the forest.

Hello, you are that human. 

Welcome to the Forest of Change, the chaos. Because there is nothing stable in this world. Things change, loved ones say goodbye, and pandemics appear. No one can predict the future, therefore only resilience, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, that count.  

And to be resilient, you shall Try New Things and Think Different, in order to survive, to fight the monsters and to collect the mystic treasure that are hidden deep in the forest.”

I hope you find this idea exciting, too. If you have any suggestions or comments for this app, don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

Know your Why, Think different

How to know the root core of a difficult problem?

The road to self-discovery is as long as a lifetime. We grow, we learn, we change every day. Sometimes, a couple of years have passed and the old concepts for us have no longer been suitable. It is usual when each of us occasionally feels that we do not understand ourselves, or have acted as if we were a different person. Therefore, sometimes revisiting the values ​​of life is a must.

During that revisit, there are questions that suddenly pop up. Those questions may have been chasing you for a while but you still don’t have the answer.

Often these are difficult questions for which answers will not easily surface. Such questions may be related to philosophical reflection, religious beliefs, or elusive emotions. In regards to such questions, there are two types: one that you don’t have the answer, and the other is that your answer is still on the surface without touching the root core of the problem. Whichsoever, if the core of the problem has not been touched, there will be no adequate measures to resolve it at all. So how do you know the root core of a difficult problem?

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Know your Why, Think different

The person you want to become?

Each of us once has an idol in our heart. It maybe your father, your mother, or a relative that you always admired in your childhood. Growing up a little to the dreaming age, it could be the excellent artists or actors on screen. After graduation, your idol can be Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or some famous and rich start-ups. At this point of time, who would that person be?

After thinking a little about the person you want to become, I’ll tell you why this is so important.

We are often told, “Be yourself,” but if you take one moment to think about this, “being yourself” sometimes doesn’t bring you any lasting benefits.

Being ourselves comforts our differences, makes us feel less guilty and embraces the norms. Sometimes we give up a difficult task or a struggle, by telling ourselves that we are different from the other person and no one will understand us. At other times, we reject opportunities because they are not within our expertise, interests or focus.

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WORKSHOP: Watercolour for beginners

My dear readers,

My second workshop – “Watercolour for beginners” was held on July 14th, 2019, in a warm and cozy co-working place – QSpace, located at the centre of District 1, Ho Chi Minh city. It was a 2 hour workshop with full of joy, surprise and experience. It was meant to serve my big topic of “Try new things”. The purposes of this workshop were to:

  1. Get used to the flow and transparency of watercolours
  2. Get used to and have fun with watercolour’s mediums: salt, alcohol, masking liquid and others
  3. See watercolour as a mean to relax, ease and free.
  4. Ensure each student to have their own type of drawing(s) to take home with.

Guess what, it was so fun when we had a lot of surprises using mediums, lots of laughs and relaxation. I got a cute 6 year old student who created fun and colourful paintings herself. She was so polite and charming saying thank to me and told me she would love to join my next workshops. I also got a warm hearted postcard from another student telling me that she just got a beautiful learning experience. And yeah everyone got different colourful drawings to keep for themselves even though they have never drawn anything before, which is great achievements for them, and for me!

Pictures from my workshop below:

Craft, Workshops

WORKSHOP: Making bracelet your own style

My dear readers,

My fifth workshop in 2019 – “Making bracelet your own style” was held on December 29th in QSpace, a warm and cozy co-working place at the center of District 1, Saigon. It was a 2 hour workshop with full of colors, sharing and loving. 

The workshop was meant to serve my big topic of “Try new things”. We tried new things together, we shared our emotions and inner thoughts freely. We created and relaxed at the same time. We had fun and connected with each other, by making same-style bracelets with our friends and by giving our design as a gift to our loved ones. 

This workshop will be hosted again in the new year, January 12nd, 2020, we hope to see you soon. Together, we will blow all of the shining colors to welcome this new meaningful year.

Have a wonderful year end.

Pictures from my workshop below:


One new thing about my reading (I’ve read 27 books in 2019)

Early 2019 I made a resolution to read as many books as I can. This is one of my 100 new little things. 

Some of you who know me may ask: Why is it a new thing because you have been reading your whole life? 

Yes but well, my reading pace is very slow. In some years I only finished 4 to 5 books, which I suddenly realized that it’s never enough!

So I devised a new tactic to read differently (I wrote a whole article about this tactic, you can check it here)

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