Forest of Change APP

An original app to Try new things and Think different

It’s been quite some time since I published the last post on this site. I know… But it doesn’t mean I am lazy, I am currently quite busy with a new exciting idea that I would like to share with you, my dear, I’M GONNA RELEASE AN APP!!!

The name of this app would be: Forest of Change – Try new things and Think different. 

As the name itself says, the app will be a great tool for us to keep trying different things. It will suggest amazing ideas (with a touch of humor) for us to really stand up and try new things every day, so that we can stop lying on the sofa, surfing the internet and thinking about what we could change or improve (knowing we will never do them).

In addition, the app provides a beautiful forest theme. Get yourself motivated with your own personal development plan, meanwhile immerse into a vast and mysterious forest, where you can collect exotic fruits and odd flowers as rewards, trace the hidden monsters and save the forest from a dark force. 

See my introduction for the app below:

“Once upon a time in the dense and mystic forest, there were legends of hidden scary monsters. However, because of abundant resources, the flora and fauna still lived in harmony. 

Suddenly one day, a black flood from nowhere flew over the forest. Wherever it came, the plants withered to death and the animals were swept away. Monsters that had been hiding for thousands of years suddenly reappeared. While the animals were still in fear, a silhouette of the first human exposed at the edge of the forest.

Hello, you are that human. 

Welcome to the Forest of Change, the chaos. Because there is nothing stable in this world. Things change, loved ones say goodbye, and pandemics appear. No one can predict the future, therefore only resilience, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, that count.  

And to be resilient, you shall Try New Things and Think Different, in order to survive, to fight the monsters and to collect the mystic treasure that are hidden deep in the forest.”

I hope you find this idea exciting, too. If you have any suggestions or comments for this app, don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

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