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9 reasons Doing new things is helping you evolve

This website is built to encourage doing new things and thinking different. For those who love challenges to thrive, it is clear as a bell. But for those who are so introverted, those who very much enjoy their comfort zone and those who are stuck with procrastination, doing new things is still difficult which requires energy, time, and priority (of course).

If you are one of the latter, you may want to read on to see some cool benefits of doing new, so that you will save your energy and time to put it in your priority list. And if you can make it even better, you will have the need to develop this “Doing new things” mindset, gain its momentum and build it as a habit.

1. Doing new things is A trait of successful people

Successful people might swear when they are talking to one type of person, meanwhile are sophisticated and classy when talking to another type. They might treat one of their employees in a semi-harsh way and treat another in a friendly and relaxed manner. These different situations have nothing to do with chance or coincidence. Highly successful people are fully aware of what they are communicating to the outside world, and they know so because they have a lot of different perspectives through which they can view things.

2. Overcoming fear and stagnation

Have you ever recalled your frequent anxiety or fear toward something? Public speaking? An important examination? A spider or a rat? Doing new little things is a great solution to train ourselves for fear, because it is the time for us to get control and not play victim. Sooner or later, we will be able to respond to difficult circumstances that we have to endure with greater ease. Plus, this method can get you motivated to remove the barriers progressively and overcome the stagnation as well. Gradually, when you get used to little challenges, you will realize that fear has stopped and stagnation has dropped. And then, when facing something that is about to happen, you have already collected enough stamina, and you pop up like a monarch butterfly emerging from chrysalis.

3. Learning a new skill

The world today is packed with centralization, systematization, and specialization. People start to forget how to adopt a new skill set or a different method. Their current job brings food to the table, and they spend the rest of their day fulfilling the remaining responsibilities of endless family tasks. They end up machinelike.

A lifelong learner, in contrast, is addicted to diversification. They open themselves to new fresh flows of ideas and actions. It’s a positive sentiment and a more noteworthy resource. With determination and regular training, we can pick up a cool new skill to add to our collection. In addition, regardless of our skill set type, it will assist us with appreciating what we are made of and teach us to value ourselves for whatever we do and are capable of doing. Self-esteem is amazingly important.

4. Improving career path

The importance of discovering the job that was meant for us is obvious. It is difficult to excel if we dislike our work. The only way to find your niche is to try different things. Some act as job hoppers in order to find their dreams. When jobs are scarce, it may not be practical to change companies, but we may be able to go to a different position in the same company. Learning different positions in our company could eventually qualify us to be the boss. The importance of getting out of your comfort zone may not be obvious, but it has to be accomplished to move up the ladder.

5. Finding out treasures

Once in a while, a switch of perspective is all we need to gain an extraordinary appreciation and feeling of significant worth for the things around us. Looking closely into the regular, we may see that it is not the normal park we walk by but a beautiful scene of singing nature. It is not the boring breakfast but the tasty energy we gain to act on our learning. It is not the small pond that wets our shoes but discovery of the blue sky just by looking down. It is not your annoying child running around and breaking things, but the beautiful moments of your innocent creature bound by blood, that are sacred that, once is gone, can never come back.

6. Leading to big change

Making a positive change in one’s life is definitely a step forward. However, many people get hung up on exactly how to make a big change in their life. They know what they want, but the bridge to accomplishing a goal may appear long and steep. This leads people to give up or fail in making their desired change. However, big changes are not always achieved through huge grandiose moves but rather through small accomplishments. Wake your brain up and reveal to it that you are not only here to make a cursory effort. You are here for a reason!   

7. Where the freedom is

“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.” Albert Camus

We talk, we praise, we desire freedom. But we hardly know what it is for each of us. Freedom, in this modern society, can be seen as liberty, as choice, as enormous rampant sceneries where you travel, as freedom in the mind and the will. All those lie in the unknown, where the first step to reach it is to do something new, unpredictable and unstable, to think differently, divergent, sometimes abnormal. Embrace everything that may happen, leave the comfort behind, and then we can step into the unknown.

8. Creativity that finds us

Do you believe that creativity found you?

When we try new things, our brain works in a different way to adapt to the new situation. Our creative side will show up and show out, and we will begin to see ways that methods and procedures can be improved.

Being creative does not necessarily constitute inventing something. It can be improving processes or procedures. When we find a position that fits your personality and way of doing things, creativity will come naturally, and we will begin to stand out from others. We will begin to have fun, and our passion will propel us past mediocre to excellence. Rather than fearing going to work, we will anticipate it with enthusiastic expectation. We will be stunned that people are paying us to have a good time. It is no longer just a job. It is part of us.

9. Knowing your Why

Many of us are struggling to find the Why, in the course of not even knowing they are finding it. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What do I want the most in my life?” or “Which career path should I choose for the rest of my life?” And then not long after, you forget that “big” question to dive into your normal day-to-day activities.

You may see it’s hard to answer that question, because you either do not know the answer, or do not want to draw a big picture that seems to be unachievable, or you do want to find it but are clueless of how to. If you are keen on finding your Why but don’t know how to, then Doing new things is a great start. I wrote an ebook named “100 new little things – a method for knowing your Why” with a clear worksheet to practice, but in short, do new things and think different will gradually transform you in every aspect described above, lead you to your own potential, and helps you to evolve yourself.

Will you share with me one of your new experience?



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