Know your Why, Think different, Treat expectations

3 powerful questions on how to be A BETTER YOU

Are you U N I Q U E ?

After reading that question, you probably already have the answer popping up in your mind.



Were you once told that you are made of stardust? Glamorous. Poetic. Mythical.

That no one else in the world has the exact fingertips as yours, even your twin doesn’t, if you have one.

That your voice and your appearance are so unique they can not be imitated naturally.

That you play a vital role on this earth, you were born for a reason, are gifted, original and unique.

In some way.

You will hate me for saying this, but despite all of the above, you are NOT UNIQUE, JUST DIFFERENT.

If everyone is unique, then no one is unique at all. It is just that simple. And being different is, again, not that special. You can be identical, but not a unique specie.

Not just human beings, every ant is biologically different from each other and every leaf is different even on the same tree. If someone, your close friend or lover or your mom, is telling you that you should “change something”, then your difference may even be a negative trait.

But guess what, I am not here to make you feel discouraged. Being different isn’t a bad after all. Some twists you can look at are outlined below.

To “be Yourself”, or not to be?

The “Be yourself” may be quoted by many people, including you and I, for so many times. “Be yourself” eases us in our own difference, makes us feel less guilty and teaches us how embrace things our own ways. Sometimes we let go of an argument telling ourselves that we are different and no one will ever understands us. Some other times we pass up an opportunity with an excuse that it is not within our expertise, hobbies, or our focus.

That feels great most of the time. But if you want to be more than “just different”, the “be yourself” is formidable in long term.

In deed, “Be yourself” is nothing but a trick to convince ourselves to stay put in our laziness, failures and a dull life . As human beings, we have irritated feelings like fear, anxiety or disappointment, especially when we encounter situations that are new or out of control. By just being ourselves and making no attempt to improve the situation, we will never win that dream job, have that dream girl and live that dream life.

Meanwhile the “Be yourself” taps into the present, sometimes awful present, the 100 new little things taps into our potential, our future, our becoming. It encourages doing new things, connecting our dots and knowing our core. It urges the need of renovating ourselves again and again throughout the life’s life journey. Old ways don’t open new doors.

The ultimate advice I could offer, is to “Know your Why”, instead of “Be yourself”.

What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life?

I named the title of this part after an article posting on some blogs awhile ago, you can Google it easily. Everyone was like nodding their heads and raising their hands saying “Count me in” with so many reasons to argue for. However, again this is just another episode of “Be yourself”, to live in a small, slow, simple life, like always. If you want peace and calm and define it to be your ultimate purpose until the day you leave this world, then its great, I have no objection. But be careful, if you choose that life, you will have to stick to it. One day, maybe in 10 years time, when peace and calm wont be sufficient anymore, when you let fame, wealth, or even wisdom (wisdom is also hard work) to walk into your life and direct your thoughts, you may not have much time left to learn.

The drive to excellence does not mean you are not allowed to eat a pizza or relax on your sofa. It does not mean you have to be in good physical shape or get rich and own Tesla.

More importantly, it does not mean you assume this is a bad world and neglect it either, also neglect your life in it.

To sum up, all I want to share:

Whatever purpose you choose, live with it.

Be better than you were yesterday.

Make changes, even small ones, instead of being lazy and blame the world.

Be a better fork!

Stop making excuse for being mediocre. Mediocre is easy. We are all mediocre for most of our time. So make time for some changes, some improvement, some art, some plans.

And if all you want is a mediocre life you may not be interested in my blog, which is all about self improvement, action plans and constant attempts.

During this long post you may already figured out what I want to say is the answer No for all of the above questions. Challenge your norms is the only way to see yourself differently and be a better you.

If you like this post you can check out my first book of 100 new little things – A method of knowing your Why.

If you hate me after reading this, also check out the book. I’m not afraid of being hated. I just know the book is useful for you.

Have a nice day <3

3 thoughts on “3 powerful questions on how to be A BETTER YOU”

  1. I agree that as physical human beings in this world, we are not unique because there is a whole species of us. However, I do think the immaterial side of us – our personalities and the way we think – is totally unique. There’s no one else on the planet that likes and dislikes the exact same things as you whilst also thinking and feeling the exact same way. I think that’s pretty damn cool 😊

    1. Thanks for your sharing! You are right, no one thinks the exact same things, that’s why we are different from each other :))). And “Being unique” or “Being mediocre” is nothing good if we make it as an excuse for not improving from what we were yesterday, dont you think?

      Have a wonderful day, my mind speaks aloud

      1. I completely agree that we shouldn’t use it as an excuse! If anything, it should motivate us to either share our uniqueness with the world or work on becoming more than a mediocre being – we’re all capable of it 😊
        Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day too!

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