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LIST of new arty things for you to have fun, and it’s FREE.

Recently the art subject conqueurs my thoughts. I have written a few articles of trying new things relating to art, but it will take a lot of time to cover every topic in this field. Therefore, I am thinking of creating some arty thing to serve these 3 points:

  • Beautiful appearance (and arty, of course!)
  • Fun and easy to try, even when you do this on your own or with your best folks
  • Journaling to reflect your experience

Then I come up with a series of “creative journaling cards”. These cards are beautifully designed to fit the above mentioned, and aimed to light an arty candle inside you.

Please don’t say, “I am not able to do any art”. Or, “I am not artistic”. The truth is: Anyone can do art.

Bonus: Hard work beats talent!

Okay, enough words. Here are my first attemps:

Instructions: Each card has 2 sides: One side is the arty idea and there will be space on the other side for journaling with 2 basic questions:

  1. What did you feel doing this arty thing? And
  2. What have you learnt from this activity?

Jot down your thoughts and see which one will inspire you the most.

These cards are deisgned to fit into A4 pages. Each page contains 4 cards. Download and print these FREE cards as two-sided pages, try them and spare sometime to review your experience.

Try the arts that you never think of before. That’s why I made these, to push you out into some (extremely awesome) things you don’t know yet.

Each arty idea has an illustrated image. But if you don’t figure out what to start, Google the key words on the cards.

Try the arts you think you may not be able to. Do it simple. Feel it your way. No one judges you (and don’t let them).

Try even the arts you think you don’t like. It is not late if you try and still decide you will never like it. Or you will be in love with it, who knows.

Try the arts with others (your families/siblings, your friends, your kids, your lover). Splash the colours onto each other’s life. Have exciting moments together. Feel the love, the bonding, the creation, the laughters, the unexpected outcomes, together.

To sum up, try everything because you never know what does not catch your intention at the beginning may conquer you when you actually try it.

Tips: some supplies are cheap and available in any bookstore, but some are expensive (like oil colour paints or specific colours for glass/porcelain). Therefore, you may consider to borrow them from your friends or attain the relating workshops in your area.

If you try these cards, leave a comment below to share with me what you feel. I welcome any crazy idea on this.

Wishing you a day full of colours!

3 thoughts on “LIST of new arty things for you to have fun, and it’s FREE.”

    1. thank you @mymindspeaksaloud! There are more cards at the link to a pdf download. And I’m thinking of creating >30 cards for this. Have a nice day <3

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