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Who is Unbound Wallflowers

Unbound Wallflowers is a community that promotes the awareness of knowing our Why, doing new things and thinking different, in a fun and easy way:

We have a recipe called “100 new little things”, which means we do something new and small with persistence, from fun things like writing, drawing, pottery, to thinking differently, solving problems, dealing with emotions and expectations.


This recipe is for:

  • Those want to “get out of the box”, want to be a thinker, want to explore the self, to find freedom and creativity, to enjoy every moment of life in the most delicate and complete way.
  • Those are introverted that want to unbound and become better.
  • Those are trapped in dull and stagnant everyday life.
  • Those want to erase the stress of work, education, family, children.
  • Those are happy or at a good state, and have enough energy to do something new and fun and make life even brighter.


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The community's mission

  1. Help you to discover your Why: your mission in life, your bucket list, your existence, your true-self
  2. Help you on the way treating your negative emotions
  3. Encourage you to take actions, do new things and think different
  4. Get you inspired by demonstrating striking topics though blog entries, including to do new things: writing, drawing, crafting and to think different: treating bad feelings, dealing with expectations
  5. Lend you strength to develop yourself by curating piecemeal templates, worksheets and guidance for the above-mentioned specific topics  
  6. Operate a healthy community that you feel like a home
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About me

Behind Unbound Wallflowers is the face of the community: Quynh Vo, introverted but somehow always being pushed to the front. A white collar worker for 12 years, in finance field. A single mom of a cute stubborn boy. She had a dream to travel to the Caribbeans and she fulfilled it. She went to the Bahamas in 2017. When she has time to be alone, she enjoys books, plants, and quietness.

In Quynh’s words:


I write a lot, including blog entries, fiction and poems. I enjoy line drawing, water coloring, oil painting, digital painting. I love making cocktails. I am always inspired by new, funny and strange ideas, which will gradually be shared in my BLOG


I did a lot of projects and opened a few online shops: Kolanimo (whimsical clay sculptures), HYN (hand drawings on T-shirts), Enchanted Peacock (unique deigns for wedding signature frames), Amy in love (lampwork jewelry designs). I have worked with hundred of different customers across those fields, which was a huge step to overcome my introverted personality.


I wrote an ebook named: “100 new little things –  a method for knowing your Why”and as the name says, you can prepare to read interesting, inspiring and original ideas to uncover yourself and to know you Why.

I also wrote another book about treating your negative emotions the unbound way, named: “Decoding your negative emotions”. In this book I develop a diagram that can fit to any type of negative emotions, which you can use to decode your most irritated feeling.


I created a shared online journal with many fun, noteworthy and thoughtful activities for wallflowers to note down their new things and ideas. The journal is open for everyone and is created by Google share, so if you wanna join do not hesitate to email or contact me with your gmail address.


It’s nice to know you. Have a wonderful day 🙂
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