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Unbound Wallflowers, it’s you and me, it’s all about us!

Hi friend,

This is a place that promotes both physical and mindful personal development, in a fun and easy way, through a recipe called “100 new little things”.

The recipe is 100, adding some New, adding some Little, which means we will do something new and small every week, from fun things like writing, drawing, pottery, to thinking differently, solving problems and dealing with emotions.

You will have the opportunity to experience, challenge, explore, change the way you think, turn lively, diverse, thoughtful, or in short to be a better you and to KNOW YOUR WHY.

We are wallflowers that unbind.
book summary

This recipe is for:

  • Those want to “get out of the box”, want to be a thinker, want to explore the self, to find freedom and creativity, to enjoy every moment of life in the most delicate and complete way.
  • Those are introverted that want to unbound and become better.
  • Those are trapped in dull and stagnant everyday life.
  • Those want to erase the stress of work, education, family, children.
  • Those are happy or at a good state, and have enough energy to do something new and fun and make life even brighter.

Welcome to this small community and have fun with your own 100, baby.

About me:

I’m Quynh Vo, introverted but somehow always being pushed to the front. A white collar worker for 12 years. A single mom of a cute stubborn boy.

I write a lot, and not just that, I tried line drawing, water coloring, oil painting, digital painting. I love making cocktails, love new, funny and strange ideas. I did a lot of small projects, opened a few online shops, and gathered people to discuss and learn a variety of topics.

I have had a dream to travel to the Caribbeans and I fulfilled it, I went to the Bahamas in 2017.

When I have time to be alone, I enjoy the books, plants, and quietness.

I wrote an ebook about 100 new little things and you can check it in Books

It’s nice to know you.


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